Table of contents
Baruch Shalom Ha-Levi Ashlag (Rabash) / Records
Anyone Who Sanctifies the Seventh – 2
A Bless and a Curse
A Broken Heart - 1
A Convert Whom Converted
A Cover For His Feet
A Cup of Blessing (Kiddush)
A Deficiency is Necessary for Prayer
A Desire for Spirituality
A Dish of Shabbat
A Foot and a Shoe
A Foundation and Fruit
A Generation Goes and A Generation Comes, and the Earth Forever Stands Still
A Gentile Who Observes the Sabbath Must Die
A Great Man Amongst Great Men
A Groom Is Akin to a King
A Hand on God's Throne - 2
A Hand on the Throne of the Lord – 1
A Hedge for Wisdom – Silence - 1
A Higher Soul
A Horse to Ride On
A Kept Matza [Passover bread]
A King Who Breaks through a Fence
A Kli [vessel] that Holds a Blessing
A Knife for Slaughter
A Ladder Positioned on Earth
A Land Where You Shall Not Eat Bread In Sorrow
A Man Learns Only Where His Heart Desires
A Member of the Society Who Passes Away
A Near Road and a Faraway Road
A Point in the Heart
A Prayer for Life and Nourishments
A Rebellious Son
A Request for Help
A Revealment of Concealment
A Righteous One Lives by His Faith
A Scorpion and a Snake
A Treasure of Fear of Heaven
A War that's Permitted & a War Which is a Commandment
A Wicked Man's Feast
A Wise Man Sees What is to be Born
A Woman Shall Sow - 1
A Woman That is Kosher
A Woman Who Seeds - 2
ABYA As Pertaining to the work
Abraham Begat Isaac
Abraham's Emeralds
According to the Sorrow Is the Reward
Acquiring a Woman
Act & Intention
Act and Thought
Acts of Man
Adam the First was a Sinner
Adhere to His Virtues
Adornments of the Bride
Advice Against the Inclination
Affliction Precedes Mercy
Against Your Will You Live; Against Your Will You Die
Against Your Will – 1
All Bitter Herb [Maror]
All Is Done by His Word
All Who Have Fear (Awe) of Heaven - 1
All Who Have Fear (Awe) of Heaven - 2
All that He Does, The Merciful One Does for Good
All with Whom the Spirit of the People Is Content - 2
Alms to the Poor
Am I Under God
Amalgamation of the Body
An Article for Sukot
An Easy Commandment
An Ox, Lamb or Goat that is Born
And Abraham Arose
And Abraham Gave All that He Had
And Aharon Will So Do
And All the People Stand Over You
And All the People's of the Land Saw
And Balak Saw
And Both Their Eyes Opened
And God Did Spare
And God Saw
And God Spoke to Moses
And God Stood Upon Him
And Golan in the Bashan
And He Feared He Could Not Overcome Him
And He Touched The Hollow of His Thigh
And I Gave You My Blessing
And I Shall Remove the Heart of Stone
And I Will Always Long For
And I Will Carry You on the Wings of Eagles
And I Will Take You as My People
And Isaac Sowed that Land
And Isaac Was Forty Years of Age
And Jacob Dwelled in the Land of His Father
And Jacob Feared Because of the Breakage
And Jacob Greatly Feared
And Jacob Sent
And Jethro Heard
And Judah Approached Him – 1
And Korah Took
And Man (Adam) You Shall Sacrifice From Yourself - 1
And Man (Adam) You Shall Sacrifice From Yourself - 2
And Moses Gathered
And Say a Thing
And These Are The Judgements
And They Collected a Donation for Me - 1
And They Collected a Donation for Me - 2
And They Shall Fear You
And They Shall Take To You Pure Olive Oil
And They Stabilised at the Foot of the Mountain
And Were You to Hear
And When He Lowered His Arms and the Strength of Amalek Arose
And When You Come
And Yehuda Approached Him - 2
And You Come Not To Hear the Lord Your God
And You Made Garments of Holiness
And You, Israel
And Your Small Ones That Understood
And he said, “When You Deliver the Hebrew Women”
And it Will Be Because You Have Heard
And it was as This Day
And the Riffraff Who are Lustful
And there was Evening and there was Morning
Ani [I] and Ein [nothing/null]
Any Man Who Is Graceful
Any Who Blesses the Seventh - 1
Any Who Overcomes is a Man - 1
Any Who Overcomes is a Man - 2
Anyone Who Is Angry, It Is as though He Commits Idol-Worship
Anyone Who Sanctifies the Seventh – 2
Anyone with Whom the Spirit of the People Is Pleased – 1
Arise & Receive
Arise, Lord
Arise, Vengeance of the Sons of Israel
Article 262
Article 264
Article 267
Article 347
Article 350
Article 390
Article 653
Article 696
Article 697
Article 826
Article 879
Article 896
As He is Merciful, So You Be Merciful
As I Dance Before You
Ascent & Descent in the Work
Atzilut is Private Providence
Awakening - 2
Awakening – 1
Aza & Azael
Be As Scrupulous About an Undemanding Commandment as a Demanding One - 1
Be As Scrupulous About an Undemanding Commandment as a Demanding One - 2
Be As Scrupulous About an Undemanding Commandment as a Demanding One - 3
Bearing Penance
Because You Have Heard
Because of Your Crimes was Your Mother Sent
Beginning to Speak from the Connection with the Creator
Behold, I Am Setting Before You
Behold, a People Has Come Out of Egypt
Being Rewarded with Life
Better a Poor Boy
Bless the Fruit of your Womb
Blessed Are You
Blessed Be the Guardians of Judgement
Blessed Be the Place
Blessed Is Our God, Who Has Created Us for His Glory
Blessed Is the Man Who Puts His Trust in the Lord
Bo [Come]
Branch and Root
Broken Heart - 2
Collective and Private Attainment
Colors in the Work
Come unto Pharaoh
Concealed and Revealed in His Providence
Conception - 2
Concerning Blessing
Concerning Choice
Concerning Darkness,Fire and Shade
Concerning Dinim (Judgements)
Concerning Education
Concerning Equivalence of Form
Concerning Father & Son
Concerning Fear
Concerning Fear and Love
Concerning Hametz and Matza
Concerning Hannuka
Concerning Joy
Concerning Learning the Wisdom of Kabbalah
Concerning Merit
Concerning Overcoming
Concerning Partnership
Concerning Passover
Concerning Prayer
Concerning Preparation for a Fast
Concerning Pride
Concerning Reflected Light
Concerning Restriction
Concerning Right & Left
Concerning Rosh Ha'Shana and Yom Kippur
Concerning Sacrifice
Concerning Security
Concerning Shekalim – 1
Concerning Shoes
Concerning Suckling
Concerning Suffering - 2
Concerning Suffering – 1
Concerning The Restriction
Concerning This World & The Next - 1
Concerning This World & The Next World - 2
Concerning Two Witnesses
Concerning Ushpizin (Guests in Sukot)
Concerning Walking
Concerning Walking in Humbleness
Concerning Women
Concerning Yom Kippur
Concerning a Fair Judge & an Unfair One
Concerning a Newborn
Concerning the 15th of Shvat
Concerning the Ascent of Malchut to Bina
Concerning the Attributes of Judgement and Mercy Conjoining
Concerning the Beginning of the Month
Concerning the Environment
Concerning the Evil Inclination
Concerning the Exodus from Egypt
Concerning the Giving of Bribes to the Sitra Achra
Concerning the Goal
Concerning the Groom
Concerning the Groom and Bride
Concerning the Keeping of Shabbat
Concerning the Light of Hassadim Which Was Not Under Restriction
Concerning the Matza [unleavened bread]
Concerning the Mind Rules Over the Heart
Concerning the Minyan
Concerning the Poor
Concerning the Public Envoy
Concerning the Sabbath
Concerning the Shechina [Divinity]
Concerning the Spies
Concerning the Surrounding Lights
Concerning the Will to Bestow - 2
Concerning the Will to Receive
Concerning the Will to Receive
Construction of the Temple
Covenant of Salt
Covering a Portion, Revealing Two Portions – 1
Covering and Uncovering
Craftsmanship is the Secret of Faith
Criticism over Bestowal
Day and Night
Days of the Messiah
Dead Fish
Declaring the Drop
Deficiency Comes From the Light
Definitions - 2
Definitions – 1
Degrees of Coarseness
Delight Them with a Complete Structure – 1
Demand and Receive Reward
Discernment Between Concealed & Revealed
Discernment in Exertion
Discernment of States
Discernments of the Spiritual Vessel
Disputes With Peace
Divinity Dwells in the Wall
Divinity Made the Concealment
Divinity in Exile
Do Not Be Ashamed By Those Who Hold You in Contempt
Do Not Feud the Bread of Evil Eye
Doh or Hod
Doing & Hearing
Dressings of the Soul
Due to Humility Comes Fear of God
Eating From the Refuse
Enjoyment in Order to Bestow
Everlasting Salvation
Every Day Shall Appear as New In Your Eyes
Exalt the Lord Our God
Except for “Leave!”
Exertion and Findings
Exiting and Entering in the Work
Faith - 1
Faith - 2
Faith Above Reason
Faith Is Called “Action”
Faith Is Regarded as Above Nature
Faith Within Reason
Faith and Reason
Faith is the Property of Malchut
Father Ejected Mother Because of Her Son
Father and Mother
Fear of Heaven
Fertilize the Land
Find Favor and a Good Mind
Finding Grace
Fire is Called Dinim (Judgements)
Fire, Wind, Water, Earth
Fish Means Worries
Flavors of Torah
For God Hears the Poor
For He, God, Chose Jacob
For I Am the Malchut
For Man is a Tree of the Field
For Pinchas Was in Fear
For Six Days You Shall Work
For What Reason The Torah Was Given to Israel
For When You Come
For You Shall Carry the Leaders of the Sons of Israel
For You Shall Sow
For the Inequity of the Amorite is not Complete
Forsake Evil and Do Good - 3
Forsake Evil and Do Good - 4
Four Angels
Four Discernments in Desire
Four States in the Aspects of the Work
From Afar God Appeared to Me
From Lo Lishma to Lishma
From Your Actions We Shall Know You
From the Depths I Called You, God - 2
From the Depths I Called for You, Oh God - 1
From the PEH and Above is Not Discerned as a Vessel (Kli)
Fruit of a Citrus Tree
Gathering Wood
God Made It so that He Would Be Feared
God is Joyful if a Man Triumphs
God of Israel
God's Vengeance on Median
Good Days
Good Deeds Are Called Sons
Good Neighbour & Bad Neighbour
Great is Hospitality
Great is the One who is Commanded & Acts
Greeks Have Gathered Around Me
Half of the Shekel - 1
Half of the Shekel - 2
Hanu-Kah (A Place in the Heart to Park)
Happy Is He
Happy is a Man
Hastening to Come Near
He Did Everything Well in Due Season
He Is Coerced
He Who Comes to Defile
He Who Comes to be Purified is Aided - 2
He Who Gives Upon the Sea
He Who Grieves For Jerusalem
He Who Keeps the Shabbat As Prescribed
He Who Raises Me From Lowly Ash, From Refuse Shall Lift the Poor
He Who Raises Me From Lowly Dirt - 2
He Who is in Fear For Me
He Whom God Loves, He Shall Reprove Him
He Whom the Lord Loves He Admonishes
He Will Keep His Promise to You
He is One & His Name is One
Heading Out On the Path
Heed, My Son, Your Father's Ethics - 1
Heed, My Son,The Ethics of Your Father - 2
Help of God
Her Mouth Opened in Wisdom
Heresy Is the Punishment
His Inheritance Shall Multiply
Hochma and Hassadim
Holiness and Purity
Hospitality - 1
Hospitality - 2
How Awful is this Place
How Did They Sin
How Glorious is Your Name
How Good Are Your Tents, Jacob – 1
How Good are Your Tents, Jacob - 2
How I Love Your Teaching
How One Can Draw Near to Him
How One is Aided
I Did Not Find My Hands & Feet In the Place of Learning
I Have an Undemanding Commandment and it is Called Sukkah
I Hereby Give Him My Covenant of Peace
I Will Sin and Return
I and Not a Messenger
Ibur [Conception] – 1
If One is Rewarded, His Work is Done by Others
If There Is a Virgin Maiden
If You Seek it as Silver
If the Rav Appears as an Angel of God
In His Day You Shall Give Him His Pay
In Katnut, Gevurot are Revealed First
In Me I Swore
In Order to Purify the Creations
In it's Time - Hastening it
In the Beginning, God Created
In the Heat of Day
In the Loss of Enemies is Joy
In the Place Where Those Who Repent Stand
Inanimate of Holiness
Inheritance of the Land
Internal Keys and External Keys
Internality and Externality
Israel are Likened to an Olive
Israel are Sons of Kings
It Is All Corrections
It is Good to Thank the Lord
It is Not the Shy Who Learns
Joy During the Study of Torah
Joy and Fear
Joy that Comes from Dancing
Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue
Katnut & Gadlut
King David Has No Life
Kingdoms, Memories & Shofar's
Knowledge and Faith
Korah's Claim
Law & Judgement - 1
Law and Judgement - 2
Lech Lecha-Go To Your land
Love of Others - 1
Love of Self and Love of the Creator
Male and Female
Man Determines
Man Does Not Toil for a Feast in Order to Relinquish It
Man Who Shall Be In the Skin of His Flesh
Man and His Duty
Man and the Torah
Man is Born a Wild Donkey
Man is as A Tree of the Field
Man’s Greatness Is According to His Work
Man’s Receptions
Man’s Sensation of Time
Maror (Bitter Herb)
Middle Line
Midnight Correction
Miketz [After]
Mind and Heart
Miracle and Choice
Moha & Liba (Mind & Heart)
More Precious than Gold
Moses, the Aspect of Faith
Mount Sinai
Movement Driven By Shame
My Love Fled
Names are Given According to the Lower One
Noah is a Righteous Man
Not of Your Own Will - 2
Not of your Many
Nothing New Under the Sun
Nursing From the Klipot (Shells)
Observing Torah Only in the Land of Israel
Old and New
On His Torah He Shall Ponder
On The Day the Tabernacle was Erected
On This Day, The Lord Your God, Commands You
One Hundred Blessings
One Should Not Appease His Friend In Anger
One Who Begins an Observance
One Who Builds a Building
One Who Comes to be Purified is Aided - 1
One Who Cries Over a Kosher Man
One Who Dwells in His Wine
One Who Has No Sons
One Who Holds Himself Back in the Hour of Dispute
One Who Incorporates the Name of Heaven Amongst Worldly Matters
One Who Increases Knowledge Increases Affliction
One Who Learns Torah in Poverty
One Who Prays for His Friend
One Who Robs His Father & Mother
One Who Scorns a Wise Disciple
One Who Walks the Path
One Who is Prideful is Akin to an Idolator
One Who is Provided For by His Wife
One Who is Scrupulous in Changing His Robe
One Who is Strict With Himself and Lenient Towards Others
One's Soul Shall Teach Him
Oral Torah
Our Faith in Books and Authors
Passing the Dead Before the Bride
Passion for Knowledge
Peace Unto the Far and the Near
Peace with the Creator
Peaceful Home
Peh-Sah [speaking mouth]
Perfection is a Hundred
Pleasing the Shabbat
Pleasure Nullifies the Mind
Poverty Befits Israel
Prayer & Request
Prayer for Divinity in Exile
Precisely By Means of A Man and Woman
Preparation for the Light
Purification of the Eyes
Purify Our Heart
Purifying the Work
Questions Regarding "Return, Israel"
Questions for the Exodus from Egypt
Questions in the Work
Raising of MAN - 1
Raising the Hands
Ransoming One's Soul
Reality & The Sustainment of Reality
Reasoning of Holiness
Receiving Pleasure from Three Kelim [Vessels]
Regarding Ash
Regarding Those of Pure Minds
Rejoice in The Torah
Remember that You Were a Slave
Renewed Work
Repentance Does Not Help in GAR
Reproving Another
Rest & Joy, Light to the Jews
Return, Israel - 2
Return, Israel – 1
Returning a Theft
Returning to One's Source
Revealed and Concealed
Reveals a Portion and Conceals Two Portions - 2
Reward and Punishment
Reward for Work
Right and Left
Right is Called Perfection
Right, Wholeness, and Truth
Righteous & Wicked
Righteous Take by Force
Rosh Ha'Shana for the Trees
Rosh Ha'Shanna
Ruin by Elders—Construction; Construction by Youths—Ruin
Salix-River Willows (Aravah)
Sanctification of the Month
Sanctification of the Moon
Save Your Servant For You are My God
Saved Us from the Hand of the Shepherds
Say Unto the Children of Israel
Scrutinies in the Work
See Life
See That God Called in the Name of Betzalel
See a Life with a Woman that You Love
See, Singular Form
Seeing & Hearing
Seek Peace & Pursue It
Self-Nullification According to the Path of Baal Shem Tov
Sensation of Perfection
Serve the Creator with Joy
Sheath Your Sword
Shma Israel (Hear, O Israel)
Shoot as an Arrow
Sitting in Corners
Slave and Son
Small Talents
Smallness of Faith
Son of a Righteous Man & Son of an Evil Man
Sons of Wise Disciples
Sorrow of Divinity - 2
Speech Begins in Ein Sof
Strict with Himself and Blesses
Such is the Way of the Torah - 2
Suffering and Joy
Supporters of the Torah
TANTA [Taamim, Nekudot, Tagin, Otiot]
Tabernacle of Testimony
Take Lead of the Entire Congregation of the Children of Israel
Take from Yourselves Offerings to God
Takes His Ear Away From Hearing Torah
Takes His Part & His Friend's Part
That All Should Be In Order to Bestow
That They Would Not Have Abandoned Me and Preserve My Torah
The Ability to Receive
The Act is the Deciding Factor
The Annihilation of Amalek
The Ark Carries it's Bearers
The Aspect of "In All"
The Aspect of Adam the First - 2
The Aspect of Gift
The Aspect of Hall
The Aspect of Josef
The Aspect of Man
The Aspect of Moses
The Aspect of Still and The Aspect of Vegetative
The Aspect of Widows
The Association of the Quality of Judgment with Mercy
The Birth of the Moon
The Blessing of the Torah
The Borrowing of Vessels
The Candle of the West
The Cnaanite Will Hear the King of Arad
The Commandment of Repentance
The Commandment of the Tabernacle (Sukkah)
The Commandments Are from the Mouth of the Creator
The Concealed & The Revealed
The Concealments are for The Lord Our God
The Condition to Wed a Woman
The Control of the Malchut
The Correction of Lines
The Creator Brings One Closer
The Creator Came from Sinai
The Creator Completes the Desire
The Creator Craves the Prayers of the Righteous
The Creator Made This Day
The Creator Observed Their Works
The Creator's Advice Will Always Stand
The Darkness Precedes the Light
The Day After the Sabbath
The Death of a Righteous Person
The Degree of “Wicked”
The Desire and The Mind
The Desire to Bestow – 1
The Desire to be Impregnated
The Difference Between Books of Mussar (Morality) and Books of The Baal Shem Tov
The Difference Between Charity & a Gift
The Difference Between Torah and Ethics
The Difference between Envy and Lust
The Difference between Kedusha [holiness] and Sitra Achra [other side]
The Difference between Money and Honor
The Differentiation Between Soul and Body
The Diminution of the Moon
The Discernment of The Nations & Israel
The Discernments of Reason That Control Man
The Discernments of “Woman” and “Sons” in the Torah
The Disputes of Korah and Moshe
The Duty to Tell the Story of the Exodus from Egypt
The Earth Feared and Was Still
The End of Correction
The Entrance to the Work
The Exertion is the Reward
The Exodus from Egypt and the Giving of the Torah
The Face of the Lord Is in Evildoers
The Fear of God From Your Temple
The Fear of You and the Dread of You Shall Be upon All the Animals of the Earth
The Feeling of Deficiency
The Feeling of Sin Intensifies the Light
The First Innovation
The Forces which Cause the Development of the Heart and Mind
The Forms of the Light
The Foundation of the Revealed Studies
The Fruit of Torah
The Garments of the Soul
The Generations of Jacob and Joseph
The Giving of the Torah is with Both Eyes
The Good Inclination and The Evil Inclination
The Greatness of an Offense For Her Name's Sake (Lishma)
The Greatness of the Creator Is His Humbleness
The Head of Esau is Holy
The Heavens Listened
The High Priesthood
The Holy One Blessed Be His Name Ascends
The Holy One Blessed Be His Name Created the Evil Inclination, and Created for it the Torah as a Spice
The Holy One Blessed Be His Name is Meticulous with the Righteous
The Holy One, Blessed Be His Name Did Not Challenge Job (Iyov)
The Inclination of Man
The Inverse Relation of Lights & Vessels
The Journeys of the Children of Israel
The Joy of Groom and Bride
The Joy of the Bestower
The King of the Gentiles
The Kingdom and The Governance to Everlasting Life
The Kingdom of Heaven Begins with Hesed
The Klipa (Shell) of Ismael
The Lack Is the Kli [Vessel]
The Land is Full of His Glory
The Law of Torah
The Light Created on the First Day
The Light That Was Created on the First Day - 1
The Light in It Reforms Him
The Line of the Work
The Main Thing We Need
The Main Thing is the Right
The Masses and Selected Individuals
The Matter of Importance of the Environment
The Matter of Keeping
The Matter of Shkalim - 2
The Meaning of Amalek
The Meaning of Evil
The Meaning of Exile (checked, edited)
The Meaning of Sins Becoming as Merits
The Meaning of the Bed
The Meaning of the Second Restriction
The Meaning of “Torah Lishma [for Her sake]”
The Measure of Carefulness
The Measure of God's Greatness
The Measure of Overcoming
The Measure of Truth - 1
The Measure of Truth - 2
The More One Speaks of the Exodus from Egypt
The Name "Shadai"
The Names of Malchut
The Nature of Man
The Need For Tastes (Impressions)in Torah
The Need and Importance of Teaching Faith
The Need for Gentiles
The Need for Recognition of Evil
The Need for Recognition of the Greatness of God
The Need for Torah
The Need for a Vessel Absent of Light
The Need for an Act from Below
The Ninth of Av
The Numbered Things of the Tabernacle – 1
The Objections of the Angels
The Offspring Reward the Father
The Old Man Looks for Fear of Heaven
The Order of Passing the Wisdom
The Order of the Work
The Passover Offering
The Path of Torah
The Path of Truth
The Place That God Shall Choose
The Place of Attainment
The Place of Repentants
The Portrayals of Man are From Silver and Gold
The Power of Thought
The Power of Torah & Mitzvot
The Prayer of Rosh Ha'Shana
The Prayer of a Righteous, Son of a Righteous, and a Righteous, Son an Evil Person
The Prayers of the Righteous
The Preserver of Wisdom is Silence - 2
The Prevalence of Peace
The Principle of the Choice
The Principle of the Correction
The Prohibition to Teach a Gentile Torah
The Quality of Adam HaRishon – 1
The Raising of MAN - 2
The Reason Why People Go to the Graves of the Patriarchs
The Reason for Obligation
The Reason of Faith
The Remedy Proceeds the Blow
The Revelation of God's Love
The Reward for Work in Spirituality
The Reward of a Commandment
The Rich Shall Not Multiply and The poor Shall Not Diminish
The Righteous One Went Missing and None Took Heed
The Roles of Light of Wisdom
The Ruin of Kedusha [Holiness]
The Secret of Land
The Secrets of God are for Those Who Fear Him
The Signs of Son of David
The Sin of the Calf
The Sin of the Tree Which Adam Ate From Was Wheat
The Sorrow of the Shechina [Divinity] – 1
The Sorting of Food & Refuse
The Soul of Israel
The Spice of Torah
The Spirit of the Wise Is Displeased with Him
The State of Shabbat [Sabbath]
The Striking of Thoughts upon Man
The Substance of Creation and the Correction of Creation
The Substance of the Soul
The Summoning for the Blessing on the Food
The Taste from Small Corporeal Matters
The Testimony of the Creator
The Time of Preparation
The Time of Redemption
The Time of Wearing the Tefillin [Phylacteries]
The Torah Must Be Received with Both Hands
The Torah Spoke Regarding Four Sons
The Torah is Acquired Through Suffering
The Torah is Called "Tushia" - 1
The Torah is Called "Tushia" - 2
The Torah was Given in Secet
The Torah, From the Words "Yaro Yira"
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
The True State
The Truth and the Peace Loved
The Truth of Providence
The Tying of Isaac
The Unification of ZON
The Upper Malchut Becomes as a Keter (Crown) to the Lower One
The Upper One Scrutinizes for the Purpose of the Lower One
The Virtue of Rachamim (Mercy)
The Virtue of the Small
The Voice is Pleasant to the Perfumes
The Voice, the Voice of Jacob, but the Hands, the Hands of Esau
The Vow of a Monk to Abstain for God
The War Against Amalek
The War of the Inclination
The Way of the Baal Shem Tov
The Way of the Land Preceded the Way of the Torah
The Whole World Is Nourished by My Son Hanina – 1
The Whole World is Sustained For Hanina, My Son - 2
The Whole of Man
The Words of the Dead
The Work in General
The Work is the Reward
The Work of Man
The Work of the Greatest in the Nation
The Work of the Lines
The Work of the Public & The Work of the Individual
The Works Go Up
The Writing is Through Exertion
The menorah is Facing Towards Me
Their Legs are Straight
Their Rejoiced in a Complete Building - 2
There Has Never Arisen a Prophet Such as Moses
There is No Blade of Grass Below
There is No Massach in Keter
There is None Holy as God
There is Nothing New Under the Sun
There is no Fear Except In a Place of Wholeness
These Are the Laws of the Tabernacle - 2
This Is the Path of Torah – 1
This Moment and the Next Moment
This Month to You
This Shall Be the Torah of the Leper
This World & The Next World - 1
This World and The Future To Come
This World and The Next World - 2
This World is Sanctified by Man
This is the Law of Torah - 1
This is the Law of Torah - 2
This is the Making of the Menorah - 1
This is the Making of the Menorah - 2
Those Who Go to the Land of Israel
Thou Shalt Not Judge With Prejudice
Thoughts of a Gentile and of Israel
Three Degrees of Man
Three Discernments of Torah
Three Generations, Three Lines
Three Gifts
Three Lines - 2
Three Lines - 3
Three Lines - 4
Three Lines – 1
Three Matters in the World
Three Partners
Three Prayers - 1
Three Prayers - 2
Three Souls
Thus You Shall Say to the House of Jacob
Times in the Work
To Binyamin He Gave Three Hundred Silvers
To Drop Their Seed Amongst the Gentiles
To Renew the Reason (Intention)
To Serve Me
Today, to Make Them
Torah of Hessed (Grace)
Torah with the Manner of the Land
Touching the Tefillin [phylacteries]
Truth's Kindness
Turn Away from Evil and Do Good – 1
Turn Away from Evil and Do Good – 2
Two Degrees
Two Discernments in the Vessels
Two Forces within Man
Two Kinds of Dressings
Two Kinds of Internality
Two Kinds of Repentance
Two Kinds of Scrutinies
Two Labors
Two Opposites
Until I Was Not Circumcised - 1
Until I Was Not Circumcised - 2
Until One Does Not Know
Upper and Lower
Visiting the Sick
Voice and Speech
Walk Discreetly
Watch Your Mouth
Water Will Drip from His Bucket
We Shall Do & We Shall Hear - 1
We Shall Do and We Shall Hear - 2
What Comes First—the Blessing or the Peace?
What Is Amalek, Whose Memory We Must Blot Out
What Is Handsome In the Work?
What Is Truth?
What Is, He Swallowed Maror [bitter herb], He Will Not Come Out, in the work?
What You Have in Your Home
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380. Anyone Who Sanctifies the Seventh – 2

Bo, January 1983

“Anyone who sanctifies the seventh as he should … his reward is great, according to his work.” We should understand the meaning of “according to his work.” Also, what is the novelty, since in corporeality we also receive reward only according to our work, and one who works overtime receives a higher salary than one who does not work overtime. Hence, what is the novelty in saying “his reward is great,” and then saying that he will be rewarded only according to his work?

Our sages said, “He who walks and does not do, the reward for walking is in his hand.” We should understand the meaning of doing. Our sages said, “Great is the learning that yields action, and it is not the learning that is most important, but the action” (Kidushin 40b).

Baal HaSulam interpreted that “an act” is when a person turns his vessels of reception into vessels of bestowal, as our sages said, “Let all your actions be for the sake of the Creator.” The Midrash says that this doing is the meaning of “I have created the evil inclination; I have created the Torah as a spice,” that this is the doing to which one should come.

Our sages said, “Man’s inclination overcomes him every day. If the Creator did not help him, he would not overcome it.” We should understand why the Creator did not give us the power to defeat the evil inclination. But if this is not within man’s hands, why does the Creator not do everything?

In other words, why must one fight with the evil inclination while the Creator only helps him, but if the person does not begin the war, the Creator does not help him? Also, why does the Creator need man to make the war and then He will come and help him, as our sages said, “One should always vex the good inclination over the evil inclination,” and RASHI interpreted, “make war with it” (Berachot 5a)? This implies that first, one must begin the war and then the Creator helps him.

Baal HaSulam explained what Abraham asked the Creator, “How will I know that I will inherit it?” “And He said unto Abraham, ‘Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and they will be enslaved and tortured four hundred years … and afterward they will come out with great possessions.”

Baal HaSulam explained that when he saw the promise that the Creator had given him, saying, “to give this land to you to inherit it,” he said, “How will I know?” since there is no light without a Kli [vessel], and he did not see that his sons would have a need for these attainments, but that they would be content with little.

Therefore, He said to him, “Know for certain” that they will be in exile and will want to emerge from the exile. Then, without the help, they will not be able to come out from the exile in Egypt. Therefore, by this they will have to receive His help. Also, each time, they will need more bestowals, and by this they will come to need the light of Torah, for only the Torah is the spice.

This is as was said in The Zohar, “He who comes to purify is aided.” It asks, “With what?” and it answers, “With a holy soul. When one is born, he is given Nefesh [soul] from the side of a pure beast. If he is rewarded more, he is given Ruach [spirit].” It follows that by this they will come to need the Creator’s help and will thereby have the Kelim [vessels] to receive the inheritance of the land.

By this we can interpret what we asked, What does it mean that he walks and does not do? It is one who begins to walk on the path of the Creator to achieve “action.” This is the meaning of “Anyone who sanctifies the Shevi’i [seventh],” and Baal HaSulam interpreted that Shevi’i means Shebi-Hu [He is in me].

Accordingly, it means that when one properly sanctifies the point in the heart within him, he begins to enter the exile in Egypt. At that time, he begins to see each time how far he is from the act of bestowal. Then, Kelim form within him, meaning deficiencies, which the Creator will later be able to fill.

It follows that a person must begin the war so as to have Kelim and a need for salvation and the help of the Creator, as was said, “If the Creator did not help him, he would not overcome it.” It follows that He did not give man the ability to win the war on purpose, since through the war one obtains the Kelim and need for the abundance.

Hence, we need both: to enter the war so as to obtain Kelim, and the help that is required is that specifically the Creator will help him, since through the help he obtains the inheritance of the land that the Creator promised to Abraham.

Accordingly, “according to his work” means the opposite of corporeality. In corporeality, each time we do a good job, we are paid according to the quality of the work. But here it is the complete opposite: The more one sees that he is incapable of anything in Kedusha [holiness], the more help he needs. Hence, each time he must be given more help from above, meaning greater attainment.

It follows that “his reward is great according to his work, meaning that when he sees his flaw, he can receive a greater filling. This is the meaning of “going and not doing.” He went to war but did not do, meaning that he could not make all his actions be for the sake of the Creator. He is told, “The reward for walking is in his hand,” meaning that specifically one who walks but does not do needs the help of the Creator, and specifically by this he receives the inheritance of the fathers.